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Our mission is to empower ex-offenders for employment by assisting them in their re-entry into society so that they become a productive and successful citizen.

Many offenders have difficulty finding permanent, unsubsidized, well-paid employment after release because they lack job-seeking experience, a work history, and occupational skills.  In addition, many employers refuse to hire individuals with criminal records.  These circumstances seriously affect an ex-offender's stability because unemployment is consistently associated with high recidivism rates.

Finding employment after being incarcerated can be an important step in a former inmate's reintegration into the community.  Yet, this is frequently one of the most difficult tasks former offenders undertake.  Survey results suggest that between 60 and 70 percent of ex-offenders are jobless up to a year after release.

According to a survey from the U.S. Department of Justice, unemployment is consistently associated with high recidivism rates.

Our primary goal is to help "connect" ex-offenders with the resources they need to get back into the community and back to work as quickly as possible after their release.  We plan to do so by providing employment tips, on-line resumes, available jobs, and employer information.  We will also provide other valuable resources to ex-offenders to assist them with life skills, family concerns, and organizations willing to assist in their future success.


WASHINGTON, DC - Sen. Rand Paul testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on "Reevaluating the Effectiveness of Mandatory Minimum Sentences".  Click on the YouTube logo below for the video of his testimony.


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